Africa is the land of the brave, the bright and the best. Join together with us to make a better future for Africa through research, reinvention and innovation

Who are we?

A software and hardware company that focuses on research, innovation and reinvention.

Our Vision

Innovating a Significant, Smart, and eco-friendly future

Our Mission

Simplifying and creating better life while ensuring highest customer satisfaction

Our Core Values

Significance, Innovation, Efficiency,   Morality,  Teamwork

Ghirex Cloud

As a part of the human race we believe there are always new barriers to be broken and achievements to be made, thus we put most of our energy and resources into research and innovation. You are more than welcome to join us!

Ghirex Ads

Our team works day and night to come up with new solutions to problems and better ways to provide help to our customers. Visit our support platform for any assistance

Ghirex Shop

We are lucky to work with a huge range of awesome clients from time to time. As our next customer you are welcomed with your new and unique ideas that you would like us to bring to life.

Ghirex Go

The data and information we held by Ghirex is stored on secured servers in several locations. Read more about our Data center by clicking the button below

Ghirex Media

We feel happy sharing our success with the less fortunate by engaging in community works and charity acts. We always update our followers and fans on our progress, activities, visits and charity events

The Core

Ghirex plans to continue simplifying life by innovating new software and hardware. Below are some of the things that are at the top of our priority list.

Data, Web & Communication​

Ghirex plans to connect people together through technology and provide quality services to our customers to help them manage their data more easily and securely to help them become more efficient and productive in their daily lives.


From providing new ways to transact and interact with finance, we also create security systems to ensure that financial transactions and data are protected.


Providing News, Entertainment and education to the public is one of our passions. Sharing and inspiring new and creative ideas daily.

Our Clients

From startups to leading brands

Eco Smart
To a better future

Eco smart is a project at Ghirex  which deals with research and innovation of technology suitable for environment